CRISC Exam Preparation

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10. May 2017
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CRISC Exam Preparation


Course Description:

Designed to assist and enhance the study process, this course will focus on identifying and evaluating entity-specific risk, understanding enterprises business objectives by designing, implementing, monitoring and maintaining risk-based, efficient and effective IS controls.  Each of the CRISC job domains will be discussed and attendees will become familiar with the CRISC exam question format.

Day 1 – Risk Management and Information Systems Control

Attendees will:

q  Differentiate between risk management and risk governance

q  Identify the roles and responsibilities for risk management

q  Identify relevant standards, frameworks and practices

q  Explain the meaning of key risk management concepts, including risk appetite and risk tolerance

q  Differentiate between threats and vulnerabilities

q  Apply risk identification, classification, quantitative / qualitative  assessment and evaluation techniques

q  Describe the key elements of the risk register

q  Describe risk scenario development tools and techniques

q  Help develop and support risk awareness training tools and techniques

q  Relate risk concepts to risk assessment

Day 2 – Risk Response

Attendees will:

q  List various parameters for risk response selection

q  List the different risk response options

q  Describe risk responses may be most suitable for a high-level risk scenario

q  Describe how exception management relates to risk management

q  Monitor existing risk.

q  Report noncompliance and other changes in information risk

q  Describe how residual risk relates to inherent risk and risk appetite

q  Describe the need for performing a cost-benefit analysis when determining a risk response

q  Describe the attributes of a business case to support project management

q  Identify standards, frameworks and leading practices related to risk response  


Day 3 – Risk Monitoring

Attendees will:

q  As a result of completing this chapter, the CRISC candidate should be able to:

q  Explain the principles of risk ownership.

q  List common risk and compliance reporting requirements, tools and techniques.

q  Describe various risk assessment methodologies.

q  Differentiate between key performance indicators and Key Risk Indicators.

q  Describe, at a high level, data extraction; aggregation; and, analysis tools and techniques.

q  Differentiate between various types of processes to review organization’s risk monitoring process.

q  List various standards, frameworks, and practices related to risk monitoring. 


Day 4 – Information Systems Control Design and Implementation

Attendees will:

q   List different control categories and their effects

q  Judge control strength.

q  Explain the importance of balancing control cost and benefit.

q  Leverage understanding of the SDLC process to implement IS controls efficiently and effectively.

q  Differentiate between the four high-level stages of the SDLC.

q  Relate each SDLC phase to specific tasks and objectives.

q  Apply core project management tools and techniques to the implementation of IS controls.

Day 5 – Information Systems Control Maintenance and Monitoring

Attendees will:

q  Describe the purpose and levels of a maturity model as it  applies to the risk management process.

q   Compare different monitoring tools and techniques.

q   Describe various testing and assessment tools and techniques.

q   Explain how monitoring of IS controls relates to applicable laws and regulations

q  Understand the need for control maintenance.




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