Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT)

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7. September 2017
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Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) 

Click here to view a brief GEIT introductory video and how it affects you and your organisation. 



Day 1:  Establishing IT Governance Framework


Students will be able to establish and IT Governance Framework for their enterprise.


• Define IT Governance


 • Understand IT Governance principles and standards, including ISO 35800


 • Define the CGEIT job practices for establishing an IT Governance Framework


 • Understand characteristics of success


 • Review current ITGI research on IT Governance Frameworks


 • Recognizing governance implementation as a major change


 • Apply Kotter’s eight stage approach to change


 • Review the control practices and assurance steps for establishing IT Governance Framework 


Day 2:  Strategic Alignment & Value Delivery


Students will be able to validate that their enterprises IT investment is in line with its strategic objectives.


• Define the CGEIT job practices for strategic alignment and value delivery


 • Understand enterprise mission, objectives, culture, economic and business environment


 • Explain how structure, operational frameworks, systems, and culture can impact strategic alignment


 • Follow strategic planning processes and techniques


 • Review the value and risk drivers, control practices, and assurance steps for strategic alignment and value delivery


 • Apply value governance and IT investment management best practices


 • Define business case development


 • Manage and report on the status of IT investments


  • Exercise cost optimization


 • Optimize solution and service delivery


 • Understand enterprise architecture


Day 3:  Risk Management


Students will be able to manage risk at their enterprise.


• Define the CGEIT job practices for risk management


 • Review enterprise frameworks, standards, and risk management practices


 • Understand the strategic, program, project and operations levels


• Understand how the business objectives and goals should be considered to facilitate IT Governance


 • Determine your enterprise’s risk appetite


 • Review inherent threats regarding their enterprise


 • Identify how to use IT resources to address risks, exposures and threats and mitigation


 • Apply assessment methods, techniques and reporting


 • Understand the value and risk drivers, control practices, and assurance steps


Day 4:  Resource & Performance Management


Students will be able identify techniques to help manage resources and performance at their enterprise.


• Define the CGEIT job practices for resource management


 • Review business and IT resource management practices


 • Identify and analyse the required skill and technology mix for IT positions within your enterprise to facilitate IT Governance


 • Understand human resource management, and apply outsourcing and off-shoring best practices


 • Recognize business strengths and weaknesses that impact resource management, and apply strategies and planning techniques to correct and avoid issues


 • Use various evaluation methods to determine sound resource management practices at your enterprise


 • Understand the value and risk drivers, control practices, and assurance steps


  • Define the CGEIT job practices for performance management


 • Review performance management and IT governance implementation practices


 • Identify strategy mapping and BSC principles


 • Understand Maturity models and data collection techniques


 • Apply continuous improvement methods


 • Use measurement tools and techniques


 • Understand the value and risk drivers, control practices, and assurance steps




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