PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner

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7. October 2017
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 PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Overview

This combined 5-day PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course is designed to give candidates a comprehensive overview of the PRINCE2® methodology, whilst ensuring that they are fully equipped to pass the exams. Attaining this lauded PRINCE2® certification enables candidates to demonstrate and enhance their project management proficiency - contributing to an elevated business acumen and career prospects.


This extensive course will enable candidates to apply and tailor the PRINCE® principles, themes, and processes, to enhance productivity and operational functioning of projects. Whilst delineating how to improve a project’s operational performance, this comprehensive course will ensure that a candidate can work within a PRINCE2® team - fundamentally ameliorating project practices.


As the most popular project management methodology in the UK, PRINCE2® is a malleable and established process-driven methodology that appears ubiquitously across a variety of industries. Hence, this PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course promotes an appreciation for project risk, contingency plans, business justifications, and of how to optimise individual project contributions - enhancing a candidate’s project management skill and qualification repertoire. Click here to view a brief PRINCE2® introductory video and how it affects you and your organisation.

PRINCE2® Foundation

This introductory PRINCE2® certification will help candidates understand the fundamentals of the PRINCE2® project management methodology and develop an appreciation of the constituents that contribute to a project’s success - underpinned by the PRINCE2® principles, processes, and themes. The foundation element of the combined course lasts for 3 days, with the exam featuring on the final day. During the course, candidates will gain a basic understanding of how to work in part of a PRINCE2® team.


PRINCE2® Practitioner


The PRINCE2® Practitioner element of the combined course forms the final 2-days - classroom training will take one day and the exam is taken on the morning of the final day of the 5-day course. Candidates will be educated on how to apply the methodology to a set of scenarios and how to efficaciously lead a project. Please note that the classroom training will take one day, with the exam being taken on the morning of the second day.


This course is fully BCS-accredited and includes both exams. Passing the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Exams will demonstrate that a candidate has the skills and knowledge required to be part of, and lead, a successful PRINCE2® project.


BCS Membership


Included in your professional certification: one year’s free BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, Associate membership. Upon passing your examination, make the most of your professional certification and continue your career development with BCS Associate membership. Whether you’re looking for career support through the BCS global skills, training, and development framework, SFIAplus, seeking promotion or a network of new contacts, we’re here to support you. BCS membership provides exclusive access to resources, content, and opportunities that will enrich your career. BCS Membership allows you to give back to society. Some of the industry’s challenges are around personal data, health, education, and IT capabilities. By becoming part of our professional community you can get involved and do your bit to make IT good for society.


PRINCE2® Classroom Training course with high PRINCE2® Exam Pass Rates. Book now for a 5-day PRINCE2® classroom training course.


Course Content


PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation and Practitioner Course Outline


The initial three days of the PRINCE2® course is dedicated to learning the methodology and preparing for the foundation exam. During the final two days of the course, candidates prepare for the practitioner exam, whilst learning how to lead projects through encouraging scenario-based, practical learning. The PRINCE2® 2017 certification covers the following topics:


Day 1


Introduction to Projects and the PRINCE2® methodology


o Define the characteristics of a project


o Six aspects of project performance


o Integrated elements of PRINCE2


o Understand the key concepts relating to projects and PRINCE2


o PRINCE2® Principles




Initiating and Directing a Project Process


Business Case Theme


o Explain the purpose


o Benefits management approach


o Minimum requirements to apply the business case theme


o Business justification and key concepts


Day 2


Review of initiating and directing a Project Process


Review of evening work


Risk theme


o Risk management approach


o Purpose of a risk budget


o Key concepts related to risk




Quality theme


o Explain purpose


o Minimum requirements to apply the quality theme


o Quality planning and assurance, customer expectations and acceptance criteria




Organisation theme


o Purpose and the key management products


o Minimum requirements to apply the organisation theme


o Understand the roles and responsibilities of all of those involved in organisation theme




Plans theme


o Types of plans


o Recommended approach to planning and defining analysing products




Change theme




o Change control approach, issue register, issue report


o Types of issue


o Change control procedures


Day 3


Review of evening work


Progress theme


o Daily log, lessons log, lessons report, work package etc.


o Controlling a stage


o Managing Product Delivery


o Managing a stage boundary


o Closing a project process


PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Exam




Day 4


Apply PRINCE2 principles


o Continued business justification


o Role and responsibilities


o Experience, Tailor the principles


o Focus on the product




Assess effectiveness of applying the quality theme


Demonstrate understanding of key management products


Applying the PRINCE2 risk, change, and controlling themes


Carrying out the activities of




o Initiating project process activities


o Directing project process activities


o Controlling stage process activities


o Managing product delivery process activities


o Managing stage boundary process activities


o Closing a project process activities


Day 5


PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam


Audience & Prerequisites


Who should attend this course?


PRINCE2® training is very important, as the use of the techniques alone doesn’t guarantee a successful project - they must be applied appropriately and strategically. PRINCE2® training also ensures that a project is of business value from the onset. This PRINCE2® course is open to anyone and is recommended for anybody interested in the field of project management, including:


Project Managers


Aspiring Project Managers


Team Leaders




Board Members


Senior Responsible Owners




This is a binding contract, please read and understand the terms and conditions before signing as signed booking forms will not be cancelled 10 days after SAVANNAH TELECOM Management has received the registration form.


1.  Terms of payment:


In order to secure your registration, payment is due in full upon receipt of invoice. Early registration is vital due to limited workshop space.


2.  Right of Admission:


SAVANNAH TELECOM reserves the right to refuse admission to the conference where evidence of full payment cannot be shown.


3.  Delegate Cancellation:


Provided the total fee has been settled, substitutions will be at no extra charge up till 7 days before the workshop date. Cancellations must be received in writing (14) days before the workshop in order to obtain a full credit voucher for our future events. Any cancellations received less than 14 days before the date of the conference, the full fee will be payable and no refunds or credit voucher will be given. If a delegate does not cancel and fails to attend the conference, he/she is liable for the full payment and no refund / credit voucher will be issued


4. SAVANNAH TELECOM Substitutions:


Please note that speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing, however, circumstances beyond the control of the organizers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. As such SAVANNAH TELECOM reserves the right to alter /modify the advertised speakers/ topics if necessary and all delegates will be notified as soon as possible.


5.SAVANNAH TELECOM Cancellation & Postponement:


In the event that SAVANNAH TELECOM Business Consulting cancels an event, delegate payments at the date of cancellation will be credited to a future SAVANNAH TELECOM conference. This credit will be available for a year from the date of issue. If the delegate is unable to attend the rescheduled conference, the delegate will receive a credit representing payments made towards a future SAVANNAH TELECOM conference & it will be available for 1 year from the date of issue. SAVANNAH TELECOM is not responsible for any loss/damage as a result of a substitution, alteration/cancellation /postponement of a conference




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